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Are you looking for Brake Repair for your vehicle?

Do you see the brake light flashing on the vehicle dashboard?

There might be an issue with the car brakes. Come to Golden Garage & Tyres for a brake repair Ilford and let our experts deal with the problem. You can book an online appointment with us.

Here is more about our brake services.

How to understand that the car brakes are failing?

Here is shedding light on some of the common signs of a compromised braking system:

  • The brake pedal feels spongy or soft
  • Slow response of brakes
  • Unusual juddering on the brake pedal
  • Grinding or screeching sounds while applying the brakes
  • Leaking brake fluid, etc.

Noticing any of these symptoms, ascertain you bring your vehicle for professional brake pad replacement Ilford. Well-functioning brakes ensure superior on-road safety and driving comfort.

What causes the brakes to malfunction?

With age and usage, braking components tend to suffer from wear and tear. Various factors can affect the efficiency of the brake components. These include:

Putting excessive load on your car

Overloading your car is one of the major factors responsible for brake issues. The added weight causes heavy damage to the braking components, especially the brake pads and shoes.

Driving on congested roads

While driving on congested roads, it is natural to apply the brakes after travelling for a short distance. However, this frequent application of brakes accelerates the wear and tear of its components.

Brake fluid loss

As time passes, the brake fluid gets exposed to moisture and, as a result, degrades. Moreover, cracks or faults on the brake line can cause brake fluid loss and lead to malfunction.

Brittle brake pads

With usage, the brake pads get hard and brittle. As a result, they lose their ability to function correctly. It can impact the functioning of the braking system and lead to increased stopping distance for your car.

How can we help?

During the service of brake repair Ilford, we do the following:

  • Check the brake pads and replace them if necessary
  • Inspect the brake callipers and provide O.E grade replacements if need be
  • Top up the brake fluid to the manufacturer-recommended levels.

Apart from brake pad and callipers replacement, we will also check and replace (if needed) other braking components. Do note that it can be risky to repair brake components. So, we will replace them to restore the overall efficiency of the brake system.

Are you interested in knowing more about our service?

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