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You will provide the vehicle registration number in the online car tyre finder tool. The result will display numerous models on the list. Then, depending on your budget and driving pattern, you can purchase models from budget, mid-range or premium price segments.

Following are the tyre models we retail from global brands:

  • Michelin
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Hankook and more

Check out the tyre variants we offer

We offer the following tyre variants:


Summer tyres are made of hard rubber compounds and are suitable for temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Their unique tread pattern features larger tread blocks that provide optimal handling and improved braking performance on wet and dry roads.

Furthermore, these tyre variants offer excellent fuel efficiency and aquaplaning resistance.


Winter tyres are ideal for temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. They come made with soft rubber compounds that help them maintain structural integrity during the harsh winter. These come with an aggressive tread pattern featuring wider grooves that enable them to compress snow to provide optimal grip on snow and icy conditions.


All-season tyres use all-adaptive rubber compounds that provide a safe driving experience in different weather conditions. However, they are suitable for use only in areas with moderate climates.

Their moderate tread depth, specialised grooves and unique sipes grant them year-round performance.

If you are planning to save on semi-annual tyre replacement costs, check out this variant of tyres Ilford.


These tyres enable you to travel for a specific distance at a certain speed in the event of a blowout. They have either a self-support ring or a robust sidewall to bear the vehicle load and the weight of occupants even after a puncture.


4X4 tyres are a perfect choice if you are an off-road enthusiast. They have reinforced sidewalls that make them highly resistant to blowouts and external damage. Moreover, these tyres have a durable build enabling them to bear the heavy load of SUV vehicles. You can also use them for on-road driving.


Performance tyres are ideal when you want to unlock the full potential of your sports car. They have a premium carcass material. Their low profile height also promotes excellent lateral stability even at high speeds.

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