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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?

Driving a 4-wheeler with underinflated tyres compromises driving stability and handling performance and can lead to detrimental consequences. Most modern cars now come fitted with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). This system notifies the driver when tyre pressure is too low, usually by triggering an amber warning light on the dashboard.

It is imperative for you to keep a check on your vehicle\rquote s TPMS sensors and opt for professional repair and replacement services if need be.

Golden Garage & Tyres Ltd is the one-stop solution for car-owners in and around this vicinity. Therefore, feel free to seek our assistance for accurate check and replacement of TPMS sensors, valves, rubber grommet and other components of the TPMS system.

A small programmable electronic device, the TPMS sensor is integral to the system's operation. It continuously measures air pressure inside the tyres and relays this real-time data to the vehicle\rquote s on-board computer through low-frequency radio.

The sensor triggers the TPMS warning light when the tyre pressure drops 25% below the legal recommended limit. The TPMS sensor is powered by a battery which is primarily designed to last for several years. However, a host of factors can cause the battery to lose charge prematurely.

Please note that the TMPS sensor cannot be removed easily. Hence, let an experienced technician sort it out for you.

A common reason why the TPMS sensor fails is corrosion of the valve nuts, valve stem sleeve and valve core. Under such circumstances, please do not hesitate to reach our garage for the servicing or replacement of TPMS valves.

Apart from that, physical damage to the sensor can also be due to its continuous operation in a harsh environment of extreme temperatures and vibrations. If you see the TPMS warning light illuminated on the dashboard, it can either indicate underinflated tyres or a faulty sensor.

It would be best for you to reach Golden Garage & Tyres Ltd under such circumstances. Our experts are known for their precise service and replacement of TPMS sensors.

Therefore, do not fret and allow our skilled technicians to help you out. You never have to worry about service inaccuracies on our end.

Call us to book a service. You can also come down to our garage as per your convenience.

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