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Are you looking for Engine Flush for your vehicle?

Has your car’s performance and fuel efficiency dropped? If yes, it might be due to the accumulation of sludge in the engine. Make sure to opt for an engine flush to ensure optimum engine performance.

You can consider visiting our facility Golden Garage Tyres. Our experts use industry-best equipment to conduct reliable services of engine flush Ilford.

Importance of engine flush service

This chemical additive eliminates engine sludge, gunk, deposits, and other dirt. During combustion, carbon deposits in exhaust spaces, particularly inside the piston ring grooves. It is responsible for more dirt deposits into the engine oil and Diesel Particulate Filters.

In such a case, an engine flush Ilford service can be helpful. It cleans the accumulated junk and boosts engine performance. Therefore a periodic engine flush from a reliable automobile service centre helps evade unnecessary hefty bills for repair and replacement.

When to opt for engine flush?

Here are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for which signify your car needs an engine flush service:

  • Unusual noise emitted by the engine
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • A failed MOT test due to a high emissions level

Apart from these, if you want to change the engine oil, consider opting for an engine flush service for optimal results. The engine flush mixes with the oil and circulates through the engine. It helps in dissolving sludge and cleaning deposits.

How do we perform engine flush service?

Our experts use the latest technology and can deal with major car makes and models. Besides, we use best-in-class engine flush additives to eliminate soluble and insoluble impurities. The steps involved in this service are as follows:

  • Our in-house experts will add the engine flush additive to the engine oil.
  • They will keep the engine idle for 10-15 minutes. This process helps the flush mix with engine oil.
  • The additive clears the sludge deposits and gets settled in the oil filter or sump.
  • Our technicians will drain the oil and the dissolved deposits.
  • Accordingly, they will replace the oil and oil filter of the car.

Opting for our engine flush service will prove beneficial in various ways:

  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Smoother and faster ride
  • Reduced emissions
  • Protection against unusual engine wear
  • Visibly cleaner engine oil
  • Optimum vehicle responsiveness
  • Enhanced engine performance and service life

Therefore, look no further for an ‘engine flush Ilford’ and get in touch with us.

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